Greenwald Pay Mobile App
The latest innovation in laundry payment solutions
  • Tracks coin and card transactions as well as app usage
  • Reduce or eliminate coin collections
  • Owner holds funds
  • Change pricing remotely
  • Automatic software updates
  • Access Greenwald Management System from your phone
  • Business and customer analytics
  • Customer support dashboard
  • Easily manage your business with detailed reports through Greenwald Management System
  • Sponsor promotions directly through the app
  • Private label options available
  • Check machine availability before heading to the laundry room
  • Quick account registration
  • Add funds with credit cards
  • No quarters to carry
  • Request refunds directly through the app
  • View laundry status and estimated time remaining (24/7 connectivity requires a Netbox)
  • Get an alert when your laundry is complete
  • View purchase history
  • Report machine problems through the app
  • Available for both IOS and Android phones