Frequently Asked Questions

+ I can’t start my machine, I keep seeing a spinning arrow. How do I proceed?

Poor cellular service will affect the ability to start machines; you may get a spinning arrow and are unable to get to the ‘start machine’ screen. Contact your laundry room manager for help.

+ I signed up, but I did not get a confirmation email and I cannot log in. What do I do?

Be sure you have used the correct email address. Verify if there are any typo’s or errors in the email address. Click on get password help and enter the correct email address to reset your password. You will receive the option to enter your valid email address.

+ I can’t see what I am typing on the screen. How can I fix this?

Make sure “Dark Mode” on the IPhone is turned off or screen will be hard to see.

Swipe up on your home screen, press and hold the light slider to go to the on/off mode. Turn “Dark Mode” off.

+ I am trying to install the GPay app but I don’t have a registration code. Where can I get the code?

The registration code should be posted in your laundry room, or you can get it by contacting your building or laundry room manager.

However, the quickest way to get up and running is to download, install, and register the GPay app while you are in your laundry room. You will not need the registration code as the app will see your location automatically.

+ I don’t see any machines listed. What do I do?

Bluetooth is turned off. Turn Bluetooth on manually in the settings screen so machines will be visible to user. If machines are still not visible restart phone and turn off and then on Bluetooth to reset Bluetooth.

+ Customers keep complaining that they do not see machines, cannot start machines or just keep being told to wait. What do I do?

This is due to poor cellular service. Check with your Greenwald sales rep for a solution.

+ Setup is not working. What do I do?

Confirm you have the correct kit for the machine, use model lookup if necessary. Make sure profiles are setup correctly.

+ Machine models do not match what was supposed to have been setup for the location. What do I do?

Double check the setup in GMS corresponds to make sure machine type is correct for the location. Machines may have been changed in between setup and install.

+ Devices will not accept programming. What do I do?

This is due to poor cellular service. Program Greenwald pay device in your shop or in an area that has better cell service.

+ I am getting an “07 error”. What does that mean?

This is a serial communication error. Make sure dip switch #3 is turned ON, then cycle power to the machine to establish communication.

+ I cannot remove the money box from the machine. What do I do?

Contact a local repair center in your area. You may need to have an experienced serviceman remove the money box.

+ I lost my key. What do I do?

If you have the key code that was stamped on the key or that was provided on the tag attached to the original key, call one of our Full Line Stocking Distributors and give them the key code to order. If you don’t have the key, or the key code, and can’t remove your money box, your local distributor. Helpful Hint: Always write the key code down and store in a secure location.

+ My new machines did not come with money box or service door keys. How do I get them?I cannot remove the money box from the machine. What do I do?

Contact the distributor where you purchased your machines. Keys should be provided with the machine at the time of purchase. A key can only be obtained by having a key code.

+ How do I change my money box/service door locks?

You can change the lock codes but must stay with the same lock type. Contact one of our Full Line Stocking Distributors to purchase new locks.

+ Can I use a different lock in an existing money box?

No. The boxes are built to the tolerance of the original lock and therefore cannot accept a different type of lock.

+ Can I purchase a key blank?

No. We do not sell key blanks to our distributors or to the public for security reasons.

+ Can I obtain a lock schematic?

No. A lock schematic is proprietary information and is not available for security reasons.

+ Where can I find the SMS Instructional Manual?

You can download, view and print the SMS Instruction Manual directly from our website; or if you have already installed the software on your computer,
please follow these steps.
1. Right click on the START button
2. Choose “EXPLORE” from the list of selections (the Windows Explorer program will open)
3. Select, then right click on the next line and choose “COPY” (you SELECT the line by positioning the cursor at the front of the line, then holding the left mouse button down and dragging the cursor to the right to highlight the entire line then releasing the left mouse button)
C:\Program Files\SMS\user_docs
4. Right click anywhere on the existing line in the “ADDRESS” line bar located near the top and choose “PASTE”
5. Press the “ENTER” key

You will be in the User Docs directory and the instructions for setting up a laundry are in the top folder (smart_card_management_system_2) which can be opened by “Double-Clicking” on it. The document which is in a .pdf format can be opened by “Double-Clicking” on the M100001.pdf icon (Requires Adobe Reader).

+ What does the asterisk on the display of my CTS mean?

The asterisk means an error has occurred with the Card Transaction Station and it needs to be serviced.

+ Can I set the Card Transaction Station to accept multiple bill transactions?

The current version of the Card Transaction Station firmware supports multi-bill transactions.

+ Why did the display on the Card Transaction Station go blank?

There is a fuse on the main board that may need to be changed. Verify the power is plugged in and the switch inside the box is on. The microprocessor may be seated incorrectly in its socket. (Display will have a blinking cursor on left.)

+ What credit cards does the Card Transaction Station work with?

The Credit Card Transaction Station works with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, as well as mobile pay and most banks debit cards.

+ Why did my receipt come out blank?

The glossy side of the paper is the printable side. Reverse the paper and try again.

+ Why does the dispenser keep spitting out cards?

The microprocessor needs to be re-seated or replaced.

+ Can cards be re-used at a different location?

Greenwald Industries cards can be used at any of a customer’s locations by placing them in that location’s dispenser. When the cards are dispensed, the new location will be written to the card.

+ Why is my display blank on my machine reader?

Verify power is applied to the machine and that the reader is hooked up correctly. Also, where applicable, verify that the microprocessor is seated correctly.

+ Are your readers network-able?

Currently the readers are not able to be networked.

+ I lost my Log-In card. What do I do?

First of all, it is strongly recommended that a back-up Log-In card should be made: Refer to the SMS2 Manual Login Controls section for details. If there has not been too much information entered into SMS2, the easiest way to fix this problem would be to uninstall the software, delete its folder from the system, re-install the software and use a new card. If there is information that needs to be saved, contact Greenwald Industries for assistance.

+ I cannot add cash to Smart Cards in the Cash Manager.

In the Cash Manager, there is a field called PC Balance. There has to be an amount for the Cash Manager to work. This can be “virtual money,” where any amount can put in this field and added whenever it runs low. On the other hand, this can actually be used as an “electronic cash register” and account for all the money collected and added to cards.

+ Can I run the software over a network?

SMS2 is designed to run on individual computers, although the exported databases can be viewed over a network.

+ My machine does not start. What could be wrong?

There can be many reasons why a machine may not start. Here are some of the most common reasons:

  • Power not plugged in or turned on.
  • Incorrect connections of the interface harness.
  • The machine was programmed incorrectly using SMS2.

+ Greenwald Industries Return Policy

All returns require a Returned Material Authorization (RMA) number. Please contact your customer service representative at (800) 221-0982 to obtain an RMA number prior to returning product. You will receive an RMA number within 48 hours. ALL RMA numbers expire thirty (30) days after issuance, therefore all return products must be RECEIVED at Greenwald Industries within the thirty (30) day time frame, otherwise product will be refused.

Products will not be accepted by Greenwald Industries for return if not accompanied by a valid RMA number, which must be clearly marked on the outside of the package. Products returned to Greenwald Industries without a RMA will be sent back at customer’s expense.

Authorization of returns is at the sole discretion of Greenwald Industries. If a part is authorized for return and is a customer error, a 20% restocking charge applies. Parts must be new, unused, and contain all the original packaging.

Download the RMA Form

+ Warranty Returns

All Greenwald Industries products ship with a 1 year limited warranty. Products to be returned must be within the warranty period. Warranty begins on the date of shipment by Greenwald Industries. Defective products may be returned at anytime during the warranty period but must have an RMA number. It will be the sole discretion of Greenwald Industries to repair or replace equipment returned defective or damaged, with new or factory rebuilt components as stipulated under the warranty policy. The repair fee is free for in-warranty service. Warranty products receive a 90 day warranty or the balance of the original OEM warranty, whichever is greater.

Mishandled or misused items are voided from the product warranty. Mishandled or misused items returned for repair are subject to the repair fee based upon the complexity of the repairs.

+ Non-Warranty Returns

All Non-Warranty returns must have an RMA number and a purchase order to process repairs. If the customer wishes to return a product for repair that is no longer within the warranty period, or for damage not covered by the warranty, the standard non-warranty service fee is $60.00 an hour, plus the cost of parts. You will be notified of charges prior to execution of repairs. Non-warranty repaired products receive a ninety (90) day warranty.

Non-repairable items beyond the warranty period will be charged the minimum $25.00 diagnostic fee for each item and returned at customer expense.

+ No Trouble Found Items

If the failure symptoms described by the customer cannot be duplicated by us and the unit passes our product testing, it will be reported as a “No Trouble Found” (NTF) and returned to customer.
All in-warranty and out of warranty products returned for repair that are determined to be No Trouble Found (NTF), will be charged the minimum $25.00 diagnostic fee for each item and returned at customer expense.
Advance Replacement Policy

Once an RMA is provided, Greenwald Industries will ship new equipment to replace the defective or damaged equipment and a customer invoice will be generated. When defective or damaged equipment is received by Greenwald Industries, in original packaging, a credit for the invoice, excluding freight, will be issued. Defective or damaged Greenwald Industries product must be returned to Greenwald Industries within thirty (30) days of receipt to warrant an Advance Replacement. If the defective equipment is not returned to Greenwald Industries within 30 days, the invoice must be paid.

+ Transportation Charges

The customer is responsible for all transportation, insurance, duties and other similar charges for all returned products and must ensure that the product are properly packaged for shipping. Shipping damages, resulting from improper packaging will be the customer’s responsibility and not covered under the warranty policy. You must contact the respective carrier directly to initiate claims for said damage.

Greenwald Industries will be responsible for the shipping cost for returning the products back to the customer (in-warranty service products only). Unless requested, the shipping method will be UPS Ground, or equivalent.

Ship all RMA’s to:
Greenwald Industries
212 Middlesex Avenue
Chester, CT 06412-1245
RMA # _____________

+ Greenwald Industries Limited Warranty

Greenwald Industries (seller) warrants its products to be free from defect in material and workmanship for one (1) year from date of shipment. If within such period any product is proved to sellers’ satisfaction to be defective, it shall be repaired or replaced at seller’s option. Seller’s obligation is limited to such repair and replacement F.O.B. Chester, CT. Seller shall not be liable for labor or any other charges incurred by purchaser, and seller shall in no event be liable for consequential or special damages or for transportation, installation, adjustment or other expenses which may arise in connection with such product. This warranty is expressly made in lieu of any and all other warranties expressed or implied including the warranties of merchantability and fitness for any particular purpose and shall supercede any inconsistent or contradictory provisions, terms or conditions on any confirmation, order or other writing. Acceptance of goods shall constitute acceptance of terms hereof.

Please open and inspect all packages immediately upon receipt, comparing contents with the packing slip. If goods are damaged in shipping a claim must be made with the shipping company immediately.

Download Warranty

+ I'd like to contact a Sales Rep.

Region Name Phone Number Email
West Hector Arrieta (909) 434-4918
Midwest Michael Thessin (321) 228-1487
Southeast Jim Dagistino (954) 415-9825

+ I'm looking for a distributor on the East Coast.

Distributor Location Phone Number Website
American Equipment MA 800-747-7837
Statewide Machinery NY 800-527-2219
Summit Discount Parts NY 800-367-6869

+ I'm looking for a distributor on the West Coast

Please call Hector Arrieta at 909-434-4918

+ I'm looking for a distributor in the South East.

Please call Jim Dagistino at 954-415-9825

+ I'm looking for a distributor in the Midwest

Please call Michael Thessin at 321-228-1487

+ I'm looking for a distributor in Canada.

Distributor Location Phone Number Website
Coast Wholesale Appliances BC 866-254-6872
Reliable Parts Ltd. BC 877-733-9241
Mid-Bec QC 819-477-1070
Harco Laundry Equipment ON 800-387-9503
Onward Mult-Corp ON 800-265-2150
Amre Supply AB 800-661-9891
Alberta Laundry AB 800-661-1530

+ I'm looking for an International distributor.

Below is a list of international distributors. If you live outside of the areas listed, please call us at 860-526-0800.

Country Distributor Phone Number Website
Australia Andrew Barton 1800 30 40 30
Australia (South Australia) Richard Jay 1300 742 427
Japan SST Co Ltd
Malaysia CS Laundry System Sdn Bhd +603-7785 9386 / +603-7785 9387
Philippines Big Wash Laundry (02) 516-3334
Spain Girbau (34) 93 886 22 19
Singapore Made Synthesis # 65-6744-0222
United Kingdom James Armstrong and Co Ltd 44-1635-338-81
Argentina Sitepra # 541148614772

+ I'm interested in distributing your products.

Thank you for your interest! Please contact us for more information.