Greenwald Industries' 5000 and 5900 Series Timers offer an easy
solution to increase or decrease time settings on electrical appliances. 

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• 5000 Series Brochure
• 5000 Series, Timing Chart

The 5000 Series model is a slide activated timer that accumulates
time with each coin slide push. For use with:
• General Electric
• Inglis
• Maytag
• Sears
• SpeedQueen
• Whirlpool

The 5900 Series models - the exclusive QuarterMasters by Greenwald, are coin-activated electromechanical timers that accept most currency including international coinage. Different timing CAMs allow almost any time interval. Choice of Round or Square face.
   Available for worldwide coinages. Minimum quantities required for overseas denominations.

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• 5900 Series Brochure
• 5900 Series, Timing Chart
• 5900 Series, Wiring Diagrams
• Round Face Kit Components
• Square Face Kit Components
• Basic 5000P Timer Assemblies
• 5900P Parts List