Money Boxes

I cannot remove the money box from the machine. What do I do?
Contact a local repair center in your area. You may need to have an experienced serviceman remove the money box.

I need a service key. What do I do?
If you have the key code that was stamped on the key or that was provided on the tag attached to the original key, call one of our Full Line Stocking Distributors and give them the key code to order. If you don't have the key, or the key code, and can't remove your money box, contact a locksmith or your local distributor. Helpful Hint: Always write the key code down and store in a secure location.

My new machines did not come with money box or service door keys. How do I get them?
Contact the distributor where you purchased your machines. Keys should be provided with the machine at the time of purchase. A key can only be obtained by having a key code.

How do I change my money box/service door locks?
You can change the lock codes but must stay with the same lock type. Contact one of our Full Line Stocking Distributors to purchase new locks.

Can I use a different lock in an existing money box?
No. The boxes are built to the tolerance of the original lock and therefore cannot accept a different type of lock.

Can I purchase a key blank?
No. We do not sell key blanks to our distributors or to the public for security reasons.

Can I obtain a lock schematic?
No. A lock schematic is proprietary information and is not available for security reasons.