Setting the Standard: Superior Quality Coin Chutes/Slides

Our full-line of Coin Chutes/Slides are engineered for greater flexibility with vending price changes.
And the patented V-notch sizing system provides a greater rejection of slugs. Select a Model to View Product Features and Specs.

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• Bracket and Switch Kit Install Instructions to a V5 or V8 Coin Chute
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Available Models:

G4:    Denominations 0-$1.00

V5:    Denominations 0-$1.25

V7:    International Currency / 13 slots available for US currency 
          up to $3.25

V8:    Denominations 0-$2.00

Switch Kit 1819 shown below for Switch Kit Extention WP for the Verticle 5.  Also available is Kit 1818 for the Verticle 8.