SmartCard Stations

Where can I find the SMS Instructional Manual?
You can download, view and print the SMS Instruction Manual directly from our website;
or if you have already installed the software on your computer,
please follow these steps.
1. Right click on the START button
2. Choose “EXPLORE” from the list of selections (the Windows Explorer program will open)
3. Select, then right click on the next line and choose “COPY” (you SELECT the line by positioning the cursor at the front of the line, then holding the left mouse button down and dragging the cursor to the right to highlight the entire line then releasing the left mouse button)
C:\Program Files\SMS\user_docs
4. Right click anywhere on the existing line in the “ADDRESS” line bar located near the top and choose “PASTE”
5. Press the “ENTER” key
   You will be in the User Docs directory and the instructions for setting up a laundry are in the top folder (smart_card_management_system_2) which can be opened by “Double-Clicking” on it. The document which is in a .pdf format can be opened by “Double-Clicking” on the M100001.pdf icon (Requires Adobe Reader).

What does the asterisk on the display of my CTS mean?
The asterisk means an error has occurred with the Card Transaction Station and it needs to be serviced.

Can I set the Card Transaction Station to accept multiple bill transactions?
The current version of the Card Transaction Station firmware supports multi-bill transactions.

Why did the display on the Card Transaction Station go blank?
There is a fuse on the main board that may need to be changed. Verify the power is plugged in and the switch inside the box is on. The microprocessor may be seated incorrectly in its socket. (Display will have a blinking cursor on left.)

What credit cards does the Card Transaction Station work with?
The Credit Card Transaction Station works with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, as well as most banks debit and ATM cards.

Why did my receipt comes out blank?
The glossy side of the paper is the printable side. Reverse the paper and try again.

Why does the dispenser keep spitting out cards?
The microprocessor needs to be re-seated or replaced.

Can cards be re-used at a different location?
Greenwald Industries cards can be used at any of a customer's locations by placing them in that location's dispenser. When the cards are dispensed, the new location will be written to the card.

Why is my display blank on my machine reader?
Verify power is applied to the machine and that the reader is hooked up correctly. Also, where applicable, verify that the microprocessor is seated correctly.

Are your readers network-able?
Currently the readers are not able to be networked.

I lost my Log-In card. What do I do?
First of all, it is strongly recommended that a back-up Log-In card should be made: Refer to the SMS2 Manual Login Controls section for details. If there has not been too much information entered into SMS2, the easiest way to fix this problem would be to uninstall the software, delete its folder from the system, re-install the software and use a new card. If there is information that needs to be saved, contact Greenwald Industries for assistance.

I cannot add cash to Smart Cards in the Cash Manager.
In the Cash Manager, there is a field called PC Balance. There has to be an amount for the Cash Manager to work. This can be "virtual money," where any amount can put in this field and added whenever it runs low. On the other hand, this can actually be used as an "electronic cash register" and account for all the money collected and added to cards.

Can I run the software over a network?
SMS2 is designed to run on individual computers, although the exported databases can be viewed over a network.

My machine does not start. What could be wrong?
There can be many reasons why a machine may not start. Here are some of the most common reasons:
Power not plugged in or turned on.
Incorrect connections of the interface harness.
The machine was programmed incorrectly using SMS2.